Food for True Health

"Let thy food be thy medicine"

Food for True Health

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,

Food for True Health

Food to support GAPS, SCD, Paleo, Body Ecology, or just plain healthy life!

Food for True Health

Finally a farm that respects life, earth, and health

We Did It! (and you can too)

Our Recipe for Success

Our family was wrought with a collection of common ailments, some major. The urgency of some launched us on a journey into health through food. But we soon discovered that the food you need for true health is simply not available in most stores, especially animal food products. So we started raising our own! Our success in healing our family through good foods brought neighbors seeking to duplicate that success, and Little Sprouts Farm was born! 

Our mission is to bring to your family all the things we used successfully to restore our own health. 

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Produce Fed Pastured Heritage Pork

 Pork and Lard is super healthy when raised properly, or super unhealthy if not. Our pork products are pure and natural, heritage breeds raised on our own produce on open pasture. 

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Grass Fed Heritage Lamb

Lamb is one of mankind's oldest red meats, and one of the healthiest, but only when raised properly!. Find out why ours is so good and so good for you!

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Healthy Supplements

Natural supplements provide that extra help our bodies need to overcome years of bad diet and environment. But which ones? So many brands and types, how do you choose the ones that truly help?

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Healthier Home Products

The world we live in is toxic today, even inside our own homes. Toxins in our daily environment challenge our immune systems. You can do a lot towards lessening that burden by changing your home into a toxin free space!

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Everything Else

Ready to start making good things at home? Broths, kefir, soaps, etc? Save money by being a health DIYer!

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Our Story

When you reach the point of "stepping out of the box"...

The story behind Little Sprouts Farm is our story of realizing that there are answers!

Like many families, we reached a day when we needed to find answers that conventional wisdom and medicine couldn't provide. There had to be a better way, a better life, more success! It was a long an rocky journey, but through returning to the wisdom of nature and the Creator, we found the answers we needed so desperately in order to the find health. 

Now we bring those answers to you. It is our life mission, it is what we do. So many people suffer, there is so little time to heal... Every day you wait, the damage from SAD (the standard american diet) sinks deeper and harder to overcome. 

Please take a moment to hear our story, and find your path to health today!


We Ship Nationwide Now!

The video talks at the end about "local delivery service", which is valid within the southern Oregon - Rogue Valley area. Shipping beyond the local area is a fairly new service, and we have not taken time to update the video yet.

We got our start small, with friends and neighbors. Then we expanded into the entire Rogue Valley area of southern  Oregon with our convenient "order online and get free home delivery" service. But 2017 brings a push to go nationwide with our story and products.

People are hurting everywhere from the effects of commercial agriculture, cheap food, convenience packaging and profit / poison bases food production, especially children. We want, we need to reach out to parents and families across our land with the story of success, enabling you to find the health you so desperately seek!. 

Tell Us YOUR Story

Life is full of challenges, sometimes the biggest challenge is feeling alone. Having no one to talk to that "gets it". We understand, we have been right where you are!

We want to be that friend that listens, that offers a word of encouragement, the shoulder to cry on, the celebration of small successes with exuberance. Share your story with us. All information is kept completely confidential, not shared, nothing used except to offer a kind word to encourage you. 

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